Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Saturday while outside bouncing on the trampoline and singing one of the wiggles songs about having a tea party, my little man and his cousin K thought it would be fun to make some rosie tea.

I found a small bucket to pop the rose petals in and they went about filling the bucket up


Now in order to make tea one must add water so here they both are adding the water. The tea turned out well and they had heaps of fun.

Then it was off to the pool to cool off :) not that it was overly warm but I have discovered that my little man will jump in to a freezing cold pool so it really doesn't matter what the weathers like.


It is great to see him use his imagination now, which I have only noticed in the last week or so. We do all sorts of stuff, eat hamburgers and chips at the table under the shade, I have watched him order takeaway and talk on the phone.


Every day is something different and I love it! :)



Ariad said...

It's beautiful when they start imaging things. Don't you just love watching them grow!

karisma said...

Oh yummy! I used to do this all the time when I was little and enjoy watching the little ones do it now! I used to add all different types of flowers to try and get just the right smell. Then try and get my parents to drink it! ha ha!