Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its raining its pouring….

Thursday 18th

Today was our BaBs Christmas Gathering. We all headed over to the Botanical gardens and gathered in the rotunda and had a share lunch. It was still a bit damp under foot as it has been raining again, but that didn’t stop all the children playing. It was great to be with other parents that are ok with just letting their children be.

as people were leaving and the day was coming to an end it started to pour down, it was so heavy and then the hail came, my little man and his friends were amazed at the balls, once it all stopped the kids were out again to explore.

I said to my little man ‘are you eating it ?’ and he replied ‘yeah, I eat it’ which lead me ask ‘is it yummy?’ and he replied ‘its yummy in my tummy’ and he agreed that it was cold. although I’m sure his mouth wasn’t as cold as his friends as her mouth was full and my little man was putting them in one at a time. Oh how cute it was to watch them :)


By the time we were all heading home my two friends and I had half naked children as they had all stripped off as each piece of clothing got wet, too funny.


Update, Update :)


well it had been a busy few weeks here and I have a feeling the busyness is still happening for a while yet.

December and January are the busiest times for me.

So what have we been up to I hear you say well……

the first weekend in December we all put the Christmas tree up


Wednesday the 3rd my little man and I went to Wagga to meet up with a lovely Liberated learning mumma and her beautiful children.

we spent a few hours at the botanical gardens playing in the playground and walking through the little Zoo they have there.

although I was late and forgot my little mans shoes it was such a great day and I was sad to go home, as I hate good byes.

last weekend it rained, yes you read it correctly, it rained almost non stop from friday morning till sunday when it rained on and off that day.

so an inside weekend for us though we did manage a trip to the park sunday night.

my little man and I finally planted something, last week we planted sunflowers and they are just popping out of the ground now its so exciting I hope they grow :)

Oh and my man caught a little lizard and made a nice home for it in the spare fish tank, but it obviously didn’t think so as it was gone by the morning :(  we still haven’t found it, I only hope it made it outside ok.


Monday, November 3, 2008

Its Show Time

On the weekend the show came to town.

I haven’t been in years and I wasn’t planning on going this year as my little man is only 2.5 yrs and well to be honest I’m not keen on the huge crowds and loud music and I find it quite stressful  in those places  with my little man being so active.

But I agreed to go. Here are some pictures from our first time at the local show……  



This is my little man with his dada playing the clowns for the first time.

He also went on the big blow up Lightning McQueen slide, had a pony ride and went in the Mirrored maze. 

Then we went off to find the show bags and got a Wall-e show bag.

By the time we had finished all that it was time for the fire works

2008_1103Image0047This was the first time I had been at the show for the fire works, which was nice.

After jumping a few times as the loud noise scared him my little man enjoyed the pretty colors of the display


I will never forget the look on his face, It was just priceless :)

We then went home I was dirty, tired, and could hardly breathe for the dust but I must admit I did have a little fun.



Nappy making

Thursday 30th October.

Today I went to a special BaBs meeting where we had a nappy making workshop.

The workshop was run by Peep-O, who is one of the local mums.

there was 6 of us all first time nappy makers.

I must say it was harder than what I thought it would be.

I hope to do more so I will get better, eventually :)

I have a wonderful old sewing machine that use to belong to my mum but while I love it to death, it just kept jamming on me, right in the middle of sewing.

Aghh so frustrating

I also have an overlocker but no idea on how to re thread it and it seems to be quite a time consuming task that I have started but am yet to finish.

As I was on a time limit mine is still a work in progress but you can get the idea.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tea Anyone?

Saturday while outside bouncing on the trampoline and singing one of the wiggles songs about having a tea party, my little man and his cousin K thought it would be fun to make some rosie tea.

I found a small bucket to pop the rose petals in and they went about filling the bucket up


Now in order to make tea one must add water so here they both are adding the water. The tea turned out well and they had heaps of fun.

Then it was off to the pool to cool off :) not that it was overly warm but I have discovered that my little man will jump in to a freezing cold pool so it really doesn't matter what the weathers like.


It is great to see him use his imagination now, which I have only noticed in the last week or so. We do all sorts of stuff, eat hamburgers and chips at the table under the shade, I have watched him order takeaway and talk on the phone.


Every day is something different and I love it! :)


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Close call for 'New Woody'

This afternoon we were outside.
After playing in the little pool and having a jump on the trampoline, I was hanging out the clothes on the line.
next thing I know that my little man says to me 'I be white back', and off he goes inside and comes back with 'new woody'.
While I didn't think anything of it and just kept hanging out the clothes my little man brings 'new woody' and his hat over to the towel on the trampoline and starts to dry them.
I looked and then got worried as woody talks and is only a few weeks old and his dad brought it for him.
So if he didn't work I would have a cranky dadda and a very upset boy on my hands.
I pulled woddy's string at the back of him and he let out a very chipmonk voice so my little man got very upset, I said we would need to hang him up and just cross our fingers that he was ok.
Not long after I checked him and he was talking fine. Thank God !!
We went inside and talked about how new woddy needs to stay dry and about the toys he has that can get wet.
I don't think that he will be putting his beloved new woody in the water again thankfully :)

this is a pic of 'old woody', Jessie and 'new woody' taken the other day at Pa's house.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

On saturday afternoon my little man and his cousin K were outside drawing with chalk on our huge cement area.
I asked my little man what he was drawing and he said it was a bird with wings, aww so lovely that he is sharing with me what he is drawing :)
this is a pic of his drawing but I forgot to rotate it before I loaded it on here,lol. so it is sideways (it runs bottom -top along this page)
I use to love hop scotch when I was younger so on request we drew one for K while my little man was helping to colour in K's flower
even my little man got the hang of it, counting as he jumped along

as it was such a hot day we turned the water on and K and my naked little man went running through the water.
after he went through the first time he came running over to me saying 'I did it, I wet' he was so proud to have done it himself :)
I think K is getting use to seeing my little man naked these days as he prefers not to have clothes on.
Last night, sunday night we had a BBQ at a local park which was nice, it had a flying fox and my little man had a couple of turns on it but needed my help to stay on it. lol we both got so dirty from all the bark chips on the ground, my little man' s aunties just laughed at how dirty I got, but hey I would rather be dirty and have a happy child than clean and miss something ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bilby Mail

Tuesday october 7th was my birthday and just so happened that it was also the day that my Bilby mail arrived.
I belong to the Babycarriers downunder google group, and ever so often some of the members do a secret swap with carriers. you can either make or buy one to send to your swap partner.
This year is the first year that my little man has been interested in the opening of the package. here is him getting the card out

and this is a pic of him wearing the carrier, as he didn't want to try it on with me :( oh well maybe another time.I love fluffy mail !!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going Bike Riding

I brought a childrens bike trailer off a friend a few months ago and havent gotten to use it yet, it has just sat at my dads place waiting.
Well last week my sister Kelly was home and she decided to try it out for me and see if my little man actually liked it.
Here they are back from the trip round the block:

Kell said my little man was loving it and saying 'weeeeee' as they went along.

then we had a great idea.
as I haven't been on a bike in many years we thought it best to go together first so Kell could help me if I was to fall off.
So the next day off we went, Kell on the bike with my little man and me on the other one.
Oh MY GOD was I sore!!!!
we went for an hour ride and Kell showed me the path to take so I wouldn't have to deal with traffic.

It was great though and on the Saturday we went again but this time I took my little man behind me.
So now Im set I can do it any time,
just gotta get the time now.
no really I do have a goal to ride more than drive though I do have to work up to that :)


Wednesday October 1st

The Circus is in Town

Today we went to see the Stardust Circus.

we got there early to get a ticket so we had a ride on the huge blow up slide.
$3 for 3 slides, are they for real? apparently so as the guy at the gate would yell at the kids as the ran past 'last turn'. I just couldn't beleive they were soing that.
My little man went all by himself, with only a little help from his cousins on the way back up.
here is a pic, he is on the red side and thats his cousins one on their way up again and the other on the yellow side.
my little man didn't want to get off but it was time to get ready to go into the big top for the main event.
The Stardust Circus has animals in the show, they have some lions, monkeys and horses.
they were so beautiful.
At half time we got our pic taken with the baby lion and got to touch it as well.
then we had a few rides on a pony round the arena.
It was my little mans first ever pony ride.

I held his hand the whole way round.

I asked him if he liked going to the circus and he said he did so that was good, and he also said that the big lions at the start scared him.

What a busy afternoon we had. We will be going again next year I think.