Thursday, October 16, 2008

Going Bike Riding

I brought a childrens bike trailer off a friend a few months ago and havent gotten to use it yet, it has just sat at my dads place waiting.
Well last week my sister Kelly was home and she decided to try it out for me and see if my little man actually liked it.
Here they are back from the trip round the block:

Kell said my little man was loving it and saying 'weeeeee' as they went along.

then we had a great idea.
as I haven't been on a bike in many years we thought it best to go together first so Kell could help me if I was to fall off.
So the next day off we went, Kell on the bike with my little man and me on the other one.
Oh MY GOD was I sore!!!!
we went for an hour ride and Kell showed me the path to take so I wouldn't have to deal with traffic.

It was great though and on the Saturday we went again but this time I took my little man behind me.
So now Im set I can do it any time,
just gotta get the time now.
no really I do have a goal to ride more than drive though I do have to work up to that :)


1 comment:

karisma said...

What a great invention! I would have loved one of those when mine were little. I saw a lady with 3 kids in the back once! Talk about stamina!

My poor old butt has enough trouble hauling me these days LOL!