Sunday, October 19, 2008

On saturday afternoon my little man and his cousin K were outside drawing with chalk on our huge cement area.
I asked my little man what he was drawing and he said it was a bird with wings, aww so lovely that he is sharing with me what he is drawing :)
this is a pic of his drawing but I forgot to rotate it before I loaded it on here,lol. so it is sideways (it runs bottom -top along this page)
I use to love hop scotch when I was younger so on request we drew one for K while my little man was helping to colour in K's flower
even my little man got the hang of it, counting as he jumped along

as it was such a hot day we turned the water on and K and my naked little man went running through the water.
after he went through the first time he came running over to me saying 'I did it, I wet' he was so proud to have done it himself :)
I think K is getting use to seeing my little man naked these days as he prefers not to have clothes on.
Last night, sunday night we had a BBQ at a local park which was nice, it had a flying fox and my little man had a couple of turns on it but needed my help to stay on it. lol we both got so dirty from all the bark chips on the ground, my little man' s aunties just laughed at how dirty I got, but hey I would rather be dirty and have a happy child than clean and miss something ;)


karisma said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Very cute!

majikfaerie said...

yay!! looks like a fun time :)
um... in the gentlest of ways; do you need help rotating your photos?