Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday October 1st

The Circus is in Town

Today we went to see the Stardust Circus.

we got there early to get a ticket so we had a ride on the huge blow up slide.
$3 for 3 slides, are they for real? apparently so as the guy at the gate would yell at the kids as the ran past 'last turn'. I just couldn't beleive they were soing that.
My little man went all by himself, with only a little help from his cousins on the way back up.
here is a pic, he is on the red side and thats his cousins one on their way up again and the other on the yellow side.
my little man didn't want to get off but it was time to get ready to go into the big top for the main event.
The Stardust Circus has animals in the show, they have some lions, monkeys and horses.
they were so beautiful.
At half time we got our pic taken with the baby lion and got to touch it as well.
then we had a few rides on a pony round the arena.
It was my little mans first ever pony ride.

I held his hand the whole way round.

I asked him if he liked going to the circus and he said he did so that was good, and he also said that the big lions at the start scared him.

What a busy afternoon we had. We will be going again next year I think.


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