Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Close call for 'New Woody'

This afternoon we were outside.
After playing in the little pool and having a jump on the trampoline, I was hanging out the clothes on the line.
next thing I know that my little man says to me 'I be white back', and off he goes inside and comes back with 'new woody'.
While I didn't think anything of it and just kept hanging out the clothes my little man brings 'new woody' and his hat over to the towel on the trampoline and starts to dry them.
I looked and then got worried as woody talks and is only a few weeks old and his dad brought it for him.
So if he didn't work I would have a cranky dadda and a very upset boy on my hands.
I pulled woddy's string at the back of him and he let out a very chipmonk voice so my little man got very upset, I said we would need to hang him up and just cross our fingers that he was ok.
Not long after I checked him and he was talking fine. Thank God !!
We went inside and talked about how new woddy needs to stay dry and about the toys he has that can get wet.
I don't think that he will be putting his beloved new woody in the water again thankfully :)

this is a pic of 'old woody', Jessie and 'new woody' taken the other day at Pa's house.

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