Friday, June 5, 2009

The Wiggles


Monday June 1st

It’s finally here my little man has been waiting months now and today is the day.

The Wiggles are in town !!!!

We were a little early but not early enough to get too bored waiting for the show to start. Our seats were on the second level, mind you I think that they a) need a lift in the place or b) I need to do more exercise, all those stairs thank god I was sitting down :)

It was a rainy day so my man could make it too. I love it when we do things as a family.



We got a Waggs head band and tail and a wiggle beanie before the show.

here he is doing the Quack Quack, cockadoodle doo actions which I thought was funny


my little man ended up taking some of the pictures on my camera, all I had to show him was which button to push and how to pop the flash up and he was off. They turned out great and most of them are straight too, bonus.

It was a great afternoon :)



karisma said...

How sweet! Those wiggles are quite the popular group aren't they? Im hearing about them all over the place this week. Glad you had fun, and gorgeous pictures!

karisma said...

Man! And I thought I was hopeless at blogging! Write something already!