Friday, June 5, 2009

A long time coming – update

So I started writing this a little while ago ok so like January. So I thought that I better get to it and finish this post before it is christmas again and what comes next is way out of date :)

Well Christmas has come and gone for another year. Christmas day was surprisingly nice. Lunch was held at our house with all of my in laws and the kids, 7 adults and 6 children, so it was a little cramped in our smallish house.

Then my little man and I went off to my aunties for dinner with all of my family, minus Kelly though.

I was so full and tired after that.

even though we didnt have an overly late night I had some packing to do as my little man and I were off on a road trip for boxing day. 4.5 hours of driving ment that we left at 6am to get to Balarat for lunch with my dads girlfriends children and grand children.

for me and my sisters we were meeting some of them for the first time so I was a little nervous, they are all so lovely though.


I managed to catch a few Z’s on the way home and I was so impressed that my little man traveled so long so well.

From boxing day every year for as long as I can remember my family have camped out at the Lake Hume weir resort for a couple of weeks. this year being no different really only that there were 2 different camps to visit in stead of them being side by side.

this is the view from dads spot


it was the first time that we had been in that spot and while it wasn’t the one that was originally booked it turned out to be quite handy to have a fence to contain my little man somewhat so I could relax slightly when I was there.

Happy New Year

I love to see in the new year with my family out at the weir and this one was no different. just a few quite dinks and a chat at the camp. It was lovely.

Oh and the other news that happened in January is that we found out that we were expecting bubba #2. so very exciting :)


Well this month my little man turned 3 so he’s not so little anymore.


here he is blowing out the candles, he can now blow in a direction of his choice, so we had to light them a couple of times cause it was so much fun :)

Play School Concert

my little man has been getting into playschool on t.v. so when I spotted that they were coming to Wodonga I thought he may enjoy going


and here he is looking at the show, such a cute look, he has humpty on his knee too.


So I know think I am up to date as we haven’t been doing much else.

I have been slowly trying to de-clutter the house but that is such a huge task and one that I am not the best at, those of you who know me in real life know that I hold on to every thing, not kidding, I have so much stuff.

The main goal that I have is to make the spare room the baby’s space. So I have somewhere to put all the baby stuff.

Jac X

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