Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its raining its pouring….

Thursday 18th

Today was our BaBs Christmas Gathering. We all headed over to the Botanical gardens and gathered in the rotunda and had a share lunch. It was still a bit damp under foot as it has been raining again, but that didn’t stop all the children playing. It was great to be with other parents that are ok with just letting their children be.

as people were leaving and the day was coming to an end it started to pour down, it was so heavy and then the hail came, my little man and his friends were amazed at the balls, once it all stopped the kids were out again to explore.

I said to my little man ‘are you eating it ?’ and he replied ‘yeah, I eat it’ which lead me ask ‘is it yummy?’ and he replied ‘its yummy in my tummy’ and he agreed that it was cold. although I’m sure his mouth wasn’t as cold as his friends as her mouth was full and my little man was putting them in one at a time. Oh how cute it was to watch them :)


By the time we were all heading home my two friends and I had half naked children as they had all stripped off as each piece of clothing got wet, too funny.


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hippymummy said...

As long as the smalls had fun and mams enjoyed themselves that's all that counts isn't it? Us adults'd all be cringing at the thought of hailstones in our mouths! Lol! Glad your little mann is happy xXx