Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update, Update :)


well it had been a busy few weeks here and I have a feeling the busyness is still happening for a while yet.

December and January are the busiest times for me.

So what have we been up to I hear you say well……

the first weekend in December we all put the Christmas tree up


Wednesday the 3rd my little man and I went to Wagga to meet up with a lovely Liberated learning mumma and her beautiful children.

we spent a few hours at the botanical gardens playing in the playground and walking through the little Zoo they have there.

although I was late and forgot my little mans shoes it was such a great day and I was sad to go home, as I hate good byes.

last weekend it rained, yes you read it correctly, it rained almost non stop from friday morning till sunday when it rained on and off that day.

so an inside weekend for us though we did manage a trip to the park sunday night.

my little man and I finally planted something, last week we planted sunflowers and they are just popping out of the ground now its so exciting I hope they grow :)

Oh and my man caught a little lizard and made a nice home for it in the spare fish tank, but it obviously didn’t think so as it was gone by the morning :(  we still haven’t found it, I only hope it made it outside ok.



Ariad said...

Yay for the rain. So nice for you meet an LL friend. I love the lizard...what kind is he?

jacandwill said...

Oh I have no Idea,lol. he is bigger than those little gecko things, I do have a feeling he may have been a baby blue tounge as they are not uncommon here but not sure :)