Monday, November 3, 2008

Its Show Time

On the weekend the show came to town.

I haven’t been in years and I wasn’t planning on going this year as my little man is only 2.5 yrs and well to be honest I’m not keen on the huge crowds and loud music and I find it quite stressful  in those places  with my little man being so active.

But I agreed to go. Here are some pictures from our first time at the local show……  



This is my little man with his dada playing the clowns for the first time.

He also went on the big blow up Lightning McQueen slide, had a pony ride and went in the Mirrored maze. 

Then we went off to find the show bags and got a Wall-e show bag.

By the time we had finished all that it was time for the fire works

2008_1103Image0047This was the first time I had been at the show for the fire works, which was nice.

After jumping a few times as the loud noise scared him my little man enjoyed the pretty colors of the display


I will never forget the look on his face, It was just priceless :)

We then went home I was dirty, tired, and could hardly breathe for the dust but I must admit I did have a little fun.




Ariad said...

It's moments when you see those priceless looks of wonder and joy on their faces that makes mothering so special.

karisma said...

I agree, that look of wonder is just precious! I also try to avoid fairs like that. In my case its more the fact that with so many kids it breaks my purse! Oh but it is so much fun!

jacandwill said...

I was so glad that the pic of ds worked out so well as the screen of the camera was black and I was just hoping for the best, lol :)

hippymummy said...

The look on their faces are worth more than the riches of the world. You'll never forget moments like that....